Mediation for Divorcing Spouses and Parents of Minor Children

Meeting the Needs

Mediation is an alternative to litigation. The primary purposes are to:

  • Minimize the negative effects of the separation and divorce upon spouses, parents and children;

  • Reduce the conflict that is frequently a part of separation and divorce;

  • Assist each spouse or parent to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement of property, custody and/or support issues; and

  • Promote post-separation and divorce cooperation.

Julie H. Yeager, Esquire is a family law attorney with over a decade of experience and specially trained as mediator in divorce and custody cases.  With her assistance, spouses and parents can make informed decisions and reach agreements of their own making. The formality of the process helps ensure each party’s interests are protected and the agreement is fair and equitable.

Seizing the Opportunity

Mediation provides the opportunity for spouses and parents to work out the terms of their own separation and divorce in a safe environment with the assistance of a trained third party facilitating the discussion. The mediator does not render a decision but helps the parties consider and develop alternatives to disputes regarding property division, parenting, and support.

Mediation can be initiated at any stage of the process, before or after litigation has commenced.

The Mediation Process

Mediation is non-adversarial. It focuses on reducing conflict and finding resolutions that are fair and equitable for both parties.  The mediator will help both parties to understand all of the issues so that informed decisions are made. The mediator will assist the parties to find creative solutions, geared to the needs of the parties.  Mediation puts the parties in control, rather than the lawyers, judges or court personnel.

The initial appointment lasts one hour and focuses on an explanation of the process and making a commitment to mediation. Further sessions last two hours each and will be scheduled directly with the mediator at the conclusion of each session.

To initiate mediation, call The Yeager Law Firm LLC at (302) 691-3428 and ask to schedule an appointment with a mediator.  Both parties must be present for all mediation sessions, including the initial appointment.

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