Wilmington Blue Rocks Family Section: Fun, Family and Baseball

Since 2012, The Yeager Law Firm LLC has been the proud sponsor of the Wilmington Blue Rocks Family Section.  Baseball has been nicknamed "America's Pastime" but it means so much more.  Going to a baseball can be a relaxing way to spend an evening with friends and family.  There are moments of excitement on the field but also plenty of time to sit back and connect with those around you. 

It is also more than a night out of the house.  The fans and players become members of a shared community when they enter the stadium.  The players want to win the game for the fans and to play well to progress their careers. As fans, we want a win in the moment, but also for the players to succeed individually and make it to the big leagues, even knowing that means they will leave our team and town. 

Why are we as fans so invested?  We receive nothing of monetary value in return if a minor league player signs a multi-million dollar contract.   But there is a sense pride and accomplishment that comes from being part of a ball player's journey.  It reminds me of the parent-child relationship, where a a parent will invest in his or her child's hopes and dreams and cheer them on along the way, even if it means the child will leave their home, their hometown, and possibly even their country. So long as the child is happy in his or her success, so too is the parent.  A truly selfless act.