Is Divorce or Custody Mediation Right for You?

Mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation in the Family Court. It helps reduce conflict and provides the parties with a forum to resolve their own controversies outside of the Court's influence.  But mediation is not right for everyone.  

Mediation works best for people who can, and want, to make the important, life-altering decisions that come along with separation and divorce.  A mediator will not tell you what to do.  A mediator will, however, facilitate the difficult conversations that divorcing spouses or separating parents must have to divide property, decide support and/or create a parenting plan.  A mediator will provide a safe, open forum where each party is heard.  The mediator will facilitate the exchange of information and documents necessary for the parties to make informed decisions. Further, a mediator will help the parties brainstorm options and reach a fair and equitable agreement.

Mediation is a completely voluntary process that requires the involvement of both parties.  Mediation does not work unless both parties are engaged and motivated to find resolutions. If one party does not want to engage in the process, then it will not work.  

At The Yeager Law Firm, Julie H. Yeager, Esquire is a trained mediator in divorce and custody cases. If you are interested in mediation, please read the Mediation section on our website and contact the firm to schedule the initial mediation appointment.